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The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

“Something whispered inside her, and all at once she had the strange impression that everything they’d shared in the past had been the opening chapters in a book with a conclusion that had yet to be written.” ~~ Nicholas Sparks

From Krista’s Perspective:

Nicholas Sparks is an author who writes with ease and weaves epic love tales that appeal to many people on many different levels.  He is able to tell tales which turn into blockbuster movies that speak to countless people and make them desire a love beyond what they have ever experienced.  Sparks has an amazing gift for making romance seducing and enticing even to the tragically unromantic soul.  I personally haven’t read many of his novels but the ones that I have read have been enjoyable easy reads.  Now to be perfectly honest, this book was nothing compared to one of my favorite book by Sparks, The Choice, which I will have to write about later but it was still a great Sunday afternoon read.

This book covers the journey between two high school sweethearts who are unfortunately reunited at the funeral of a mutual friend and it thrusts them back into the journey of themselves.  Their story is one of young love, of true love, and of a love that is unaffected by time.  This is a story that appeals to those who believe in first love whether it be a romantic love or one that has evolved into an epic friendship that will live on.  There are those of us who have that one person who no matter how much time has passed you can still lapse into that same relationship, the one that meant so much.  I have that person.  He knows who he is and we both know that no matter how much time has passed we will always be in each others lives.  The relationship may have changed but the friendship and the love will live on.  It is a never-ending connection that will not fade.  Sparks not only beautifully expresses this in The Best of Me, but makes all of us aspire to this type of relationship.

This is also a tale of a love that lives beyond boundaries, beyond the spiritual realm.  Sparks writes about Tuck, their elderly mentor and protector, who saw and felt his wife with him even after her death.  This character beautifully felt her presence, was able to feel her with him, and could even hear her voice.  It is an expression of true love, one of absolutely pure connection.  Amanda, one of the main characters, commented that, “There was something undeniably touching, almost romantic, about his conviction that they loved each other enough to have found a way to stay together, even after she was gone.  Who wouldn’t have found that romantic?  Everyone wanted to believe that endless love was possible.”  Personally this speaks volumes to me because of my own recent experience which has shown me that loving someone after death is possible and this is just one reason why this book was a fantastic read for me.

I hesitate to comment too much on this novel because I shudder to give too much away.  As is the norm for a Nicholas Sparks novel, the ending is unpredictable.  What makes Sparks an incomparable author is that he is able to write stories that shock us, make us gasp, and surprise us.  I would never take that away from someone who is about to delve into a fantastic novel.  I typically can predict endings or guess what turn the plot will take, but Sparks has a knack for developing stories which cause an “Oh my gosh!” moment that should not be stolen from anyone.  It is a reaction that Sparks will undoubtedly deliver.  Sparks has a gift for making what appears to be a predictable tale into one that is astounding and leaves the reader flabbergasted.

If you are looking for a novel that is an easy read and one that is enjoyable, romantic, and inspiring be sure to check this out.  If you believe in love that lives beyond the limits, one that bypasses constraints of time and lives endlessly then you absolutely need to be inspired by this book.


Plot – 3 out of 5
Writing/Style/Form – 5 out of 5
Characters – 4 out of 5
Enjoyment/Entertainment Value – 4 out of 5

Overall Score – 16 out of 20


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