I Need Fantasy to Survive! Help!



Hi everyone,

It’s Lauren here. 

Well obviously it’s been a while since me or Krista have written anything.  Krista was just busy graduation SIGNA CUM LAUDE at her University!  No big deal!  So she has her own legitimate reasons for being too busy to write, but with me, to be honest, I just haven’t been in the mood.  Not to write, to READ!!! 

At the start of the summer I set down the book I was currently reading and not that into and have barely picked up a book since.  I slowly finished ONE book all summer, and have since started reading a second that’s going a bit better.  I have never been in a kick this long where I don’t feel like reading.  I don’t know if the summer is just too nice, or if my job is just keeping me too busy, but no matter what the reason, I don’t like it. 

Has this ever happened to anyone else?  If so, what can I do to get back in the reading mood?  I have a pile over ten feet high of books on my TBR list and I just have no motivation to read them at all.

 Any suggestions to get me reading again would be greatly appreciated.  Fall is coming and that’s my favourite time of year to sit down with a nice book and a cup of tea! 

Please help!  I NEED Fantasy to survive!!!  Thanks,





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One response to “I Need Fantasy to Survive! Help!

  1. Totally understandable. Sometimes I think I OD on reading and I’ll have to take a break, especially if it’s a book that leaves me in a daze when I’m done and I can’t help replaying scenes in my head afterwards. Other times, it’s as you’ve described above. The reading isn’t going well and I’ll get frustrated and scream “Damn You All!!” and take a break. My suggestion is that you take it slow. Read small things and work your way up. I usually turn to magazine articles and sometimes I may read a poem or two. …. I too like to cozy up with a book in the cold months while sipping mint tea or hot chocolate. It’s the only thing I look forward to because I hate the cold.

    And a Big CONGRATS to you, Krista!!!

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